Sunday, October 16, 2011

Feral Cat Awareness Day - October 16, 2011

Feral Cat Awareness Day is probably not being marked by many people today.  It's not a subject that is garnering national headlines.  It is an issue that impacts communities both big and small.  Colonies of abandoned and often un-neutered or un-spayed cats that can number in the hundreds hold up in holes, abandoned areas, or roaming the streets.  These unwanted animals become fearful and timid of humans making it difficult to care for them - but it's not impossible.

Many groups are coming forth to capture, spay/neuter, and release these forlorned kittens and cats to help control these burgeoning populations.  Local humane societies are beginning to participate in such programs.  Individuals are taking up the cause and spending their own time and money to care for these animals including spaying/neutering and medical needs.

Outdoor living shortens the lives of animals.  The elements take a toll on them as much as they do us.  The lack of food and clean water contributes to malnutrition, illness, and death.  To the animal lover, these are unbearable conditions that we, as a society, can prevent.


Consider in participating in the local humane societies that are working with the feral cat colonies - including trapping, spay/neutering clinics, and caretaking.

Donations of money, food and time can help reduce feral cat colonies populations.  

Spay and neuter your pet to prevent unwanted litters and illness.

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