Saturday, September 24, 2011

Largest Puppy Mill Seizure in Quebec Rescues 500 Dogs

According to a recent Toronto Star article, the Canadian Branch of the Humane Society International rescued 500 dogs and puppies from a breeding facility in southern Quebec.  This has been, by far, is being considered  the largest seizure in Canada and has overwhelmed not only the organization but the emotions of animal lovers everywhere.

Many of the dogs are suffering with a "cold" or "kennel cough", some with mange, some with orthopedic issues, while others are overcoming being dehydrated. Many of the dogs and puppies are coping with issues emotional and physical neglect-- some not having been socialized since birth.  The dogs range in size, age, and a variety of breeds.  It's unclear where the dogs may have originated from - stolen from owners, strays, or purchased.  It is clear, however, that the dogs were maintained minimally and for capital gain only.

Several volunteers have stated that several of these animals are very friendly and interactive when contact occurs.  This leaves me to wonder - how many of these dogs are former family pets?   The puppy mill dogs that I have sadly encountered in shelters have been shy and often fear contact with humans.  They cringe at your approach let alone your hand near them.

Shelter operations started at 3:30am on September 17th with the last round of rescued dogs and puppies arriving at 11:30pm the following day.  Veterinarians and  volunteers swiftly went to work assessing the health of each dog and puppy.  Many volunteers set forth offering the best medicine available - love and attention.  Stories are beginning to feel the Humane Society International-Canada site of success - a Lhasa Apso that enjoyed sunshine and lay in the grass for what is believed the first time, month old Pomeranian recovering from neglect and dehydration, a Tibetan Terrier free of her breeding conditions to thrive and the blossoming of 100's of dogs and puppies into joyful and healthy creatures.

The rescue operation is made possible in part from funding, much-needed sheltering supplies, and pet food by PetSmart Charities®, Nutrience (Rolf C. Hagen Inc.), Nestle Purina Pet Care, Kane Vet Supplies, Hunter Brand Inc. and Messageries Dynamiques.

I deeply encourage anyone who has lost or had stolen a dog in  Eastern Canada or New England -Midwestern US to consider contacting the Humane Society International of Canada about the possibility of your dog being among these 500.    Adoptions are believed to be possible after another month or so of rehabilitation.

If you would like to make an inquiry with the Humane Society International:

From files of the Toronto Star:
and the Humane Society International - Canada

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