Friday, July 29, 2011

HUNTSVILLE, AL - In Need of a Good Home

New mother and two kittens need a good home.
Presently in Huntsville, AL.
Kibble disappearing from the dog's dish was the first indicator that something was up in my friend's neighborhood.  So the stakeout commenced and it was discovered that a young, black female was hiding under a neighbor's car with her two young bushy tailed kittens.

As you can see from the photo, she's been outside for a while as her coat is dull and need of car.  She's spent most of her time trying to care and feed her young.  No one knows where she came from - apparently dropped off in the neighborhood.

What she and her kittens need is a home... and spaying and neutering.  If you have room in your life for a cat, please contact Animal Ark Blog and I'll help you get in touch with her present caretakers.

I encourage you not to judge her by her coat color.  She's a lovely cat whose just had a bad run of luck herself.  With love, care, and time - she could be a welcome addition to any home.

I hope we can give this little princess and her babes a happy ending.

UPDATE  September 24, 2011:

According to her caretaker, the mother cat is very good with other cats and dogs- including large playful ones.  She has adjusted well to being kept in the spare room and has joyful adjust to occasional forays into the rest of the house.  The kittens are weened and are playful and energetic and have adjusted to the dogs and other cats as well.

They are still available for adoption.

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