Saturday, October 22, 2011

Urgent Plea - Help Peace, Love and Animals Save Woody

I received and urgent plea from Peace, Love and Animals.  One of their rescue puppies is in need of vet help and the bills are mounting.    Please read the Melissa's plea for help and see if you can make a difference.


Friends and family of Peace Love and Animals:

Today I, Melissa, am issuing a challenge to all of us:

Last night one the puppies in our care, Woody (a Staffie/Dobie mix),
spent the night at the Decatur ER vet. His bill this morning was
$1000, paid in full by Cathy, our director. Woody needed this stay so
that they could monitor his vitals, keep IV fluids going, do a plasma
transfusion, and keep him medicated and get him strong before we
thought he'd surgery today to remove a foreign object in his abdomen.
This $1000 was ONLY for the overnight stay and isn't even taking into
consideration the surgery cost.

In an amazing turn of events, Woody passed the object that was in his
colon last night - we are SO VERY THANKFUL that this means no surgery
for Woody!!! He is still battling parvo and pneumonia, but that is one
less demon to fight! However we still have a very large outstanding
vet bill.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Can you help us raise $500 by midnight tonight, to
cover the cost of Woody's stay? Three very generous, amazing donors
have already raised $500, which is a wonderful start. We operate
solely based on donations - you all are the salvation of our
organization and our dogs; dogs like Woody, who is only a couple of
months old and has been through so much already.

If you can find it in your heart to contribute anything, even a
little, we will be so amazingly grateful. All donations are
tax-deductible, and you will be sent a donation receipt for your tax
records. If you are unable to contribute right now, we ask that you
forward this message along to your friends and to please, pray for
Woody's quick recovery so that he can finally be a healthy, happy
puppy like he deserves to be. We will do everything in our power to
make that happen.

To help, visit
and donate online via PayPal

OR you can phone in a donation to 256 233 4343

OR if you would like to mail a donation, we are located at
19135 Nuclear Plant Road
Tanner, AL 35671
(checks may be made out to "Peace Love and Animals" and we would be
glad to send back a donation receipt if you need one)

I thank you all for your amazing support of our organization, as does Woody.

Peace Love and Animals

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